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11 Reasons To Move

Posted by Vintage Oaks
Are you considering moving to Texas or the Hill Country? Trulia has a list of signs it’s time to start packing.

Home Size

Have you outgrown your home? Is your family getting bigger, but your house is the same size? Do you need more bathrooms and bedrooms?

Moving to a larger home is one of the top reasons to move. As your children grow up, they want more space including playrooms and bedrooms. You may want a place for the grandkids to spend the night or the family to stay during the holidays.

Empty Nest

Have your children grown up and left the nest? Do you have empty rooms you no longer use? Downsizing to a smaller home could be your reason to sell. A move-in ready home is a great option for those that want to downsize. Choose from a variety of floorplans and pick out countertops, paint colors and finishes.


View Century Communities Floorplans

Cold Weather

Did the cold weather last winter have you vowing you couldn’t spend another long winter in a northern state? Are you looking for warmer weather? After so much snow and ice, many people decide it’s time to sell so that they can buy a home somewhere warmer.

Getting Married

Have you recently gotten married? Is your one bedroom condo too small? Do you need more closet space? Now that you are no longer single, you want to move into your dream home. Getting married may be the right reason to sell and move into your next home together.

Upgrading Your Home

Have you been promoted or did you land some new clients? Interested in a new home with the latest technology, design and trends? Now is the time to move into your dream home. Current interest rates are low, so you can get more for your money. View David Weekley Homes featuring some of the most current home technologies.

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Are you on the brink of retirement? Are you close to your kids and grandkids and activities you want to do like play tennis and golf? Move to an area that has all that and more!

Tight Finances

Are your utility bills, repair bills, and mortgage stressing you out? If so, it may be the time to move from an expensive area to a more affordable community and give you peace of mind.

Bad Neighborhood

Is your neighborhood home value going down? Vintage Oaks is the fastest growing community in the Texas Hill Country and for good reason. With world-class amenities and convenient location to both Austin and San Antonio, there’s not much more you need.

Shorter Commute

Is your commute to work taking time away from your family? Moving closer to work is a big consideration when moving. If you plan on staying at your job, living closer to work is a great reason to move and will save you valuable time.

DIY Blues

Are you tired of going to home improvement stores? Are you ready to stop spending your weekends doing projects? Do you want new appliances and a more energy efficient home? See floorplans from Ryland Homes, recognized as a leading homebuilder in energy efficiency and known for providing outstanding quality.

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Cashing Out

After years of paying your mortgage and keeping up your home, you may have built up home equity. Are you ready to move some of the money into your cash accounts? Selling and moving into a less expensive home can allow you to put that extra equity to use!

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it may be time to look for a new home in Vintage Oaks that better suits your needs. Download the guide below if you’re interested in purchasing a home in the Texas Hill Country.

new homebuyer's guide cta

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