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Is red wine really good for your heart?

Posted by Vintage Oaks

For years now, rumors have circulated that red wine is actually good for you. It’s even been picked up in news media outlets a number of times. But… is it true?

According to the Mayo Clinic, yes, red wine (in moderation) is heart healthy. While it’s not understood exactly why, physicians speculate that it may be the antioxidants that help prevent heart disease by raising your levels of good cholesterol. It may even work as a preventative measure to protect against artery damage. Medical researchers have conducted several studies to test these theories, and they have gathered evidence that there is “something” there that helps our hearts. The specific antioxidants that physicians have pointed to are flavonoids, nonflavonoids, polyphenols, and resveratrol. (Flavonoids and nonflavonoids are the two main antioxidants.)

Flavonoids are found in many foods and in some alcoholic beverages. But the levels of flavonoids in red wine are much higher than those found in other drinks or food. Nonflavonoids are also present in red wine, and they’ve been attributed to preventing arteries from becoming clogged with fatty deposits.

Resveratrol is the primary nonflavonoid that researchers and physicians credit as the main antioxidant that carries the most health benefits. Resveratrol is a key ingredient in red wine, often associated with preventing clogging of the arteries. Physicians believe that resveratrol can help reduce bad cholesterol, can help increase good cholesterol, and can even prevent blood clots. In research conducted in mice, resveratrol seemed to help prevent both obesity and diabetes.

Although doctors are reluctant to encourage people to begin drinking, they cite specifically that this is only because they don’t want people to drink excessively. As with so many things, overindulging can create more health problems. It’s in moderation that red wine demonstrates clear health benefits.

When consumed in appropriate amounts, red wine is good for you—even healthy. Red wine helps raise your good cholesterol, helps reduce the likelihood of blood clots, prevents artery damage, and therefore ultimately leads to a lower risk of heart disease. If you enjoy a glass of red wine on a regular basis, as long as you don’t overdo it, you’re helping your heart.

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