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New Braunfels' Faust Hotel is a real life Halloween haunt!

Posted by Vintage Oaks


Video shot at the haunted Faust Hotel in New Braunfels reportedly shows a ghost in the halls.

Halloween is the perfect time to get a little spooky, and nothing does the trick like a haunted house. You could hit one of those special Halloween pop-up haunted houses, or…you could take in the real thing.

There are quite a few places throughout the Texas Hill Country that are reportedly haunted, starting with the Faust Hotel. Located on Seguin, New Braunfels' Faust Hotel is a real life Halloween haunt! Only this haunt will still be going on after October 31.

Built in 1929, the hotel is said to be haunted by Walter Faust Sr. who still roams the halls. The Faust Hotel, and the ghost tales that are said to take place in its halls, have been the subject of newspaper articles, media interest, and paranormal investigations over the years.

The Examiner went ghost hunting at the Faust Hotel, with spooky results. "The elevator, however, gave me a very bad vibe…it was here that my photos did, in fact, reveal something! In a number of them, I picked up orbs, semi-solid floating objects that cannot be seen with the naked eye but which turn up in images taken by many that tend to be indicators of ghostly activity. Whatever these were, they had been all around me when I was in the elevator taking pictures and, even though I could not see them, they explained why the hair had been standing up on the back of my neck the entire time."

Paranormal investigators went "to investigate the reported claims of paranormal activity surrounding the hotel. The hotel is said to be among the most haunted in Texas, and it did NOT disappoint." You can view the video they shot the the Faust Hotel here.

Looking to visit the Faust Hotel and see for yourself? Click here for a reservation.

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