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Home Decor Tips to Make Your Furniture Placement Effortless

Posted by Vintage Oaks

Home Decor Tips to Place Your Furniture Perfectly, The First Time

Are you ready to give your rooms a facelift or are you buying furniture for an empty room and are trying to figure out how to fit everything into one room? Sometimes just getting starting can be the biggest challenge.

Houzz contributor Fred Albert gives these five home decor tips on how to arrange your furniture and how this understanding can help you purchase exactly what you want after you have a vision for your space.

1. Flow of People Through a Room

Albert suggests making sure that pathways are kept free of bigger pieces of furniture and that people entering and exiting a room don’t have to cut through a conversation or awkwardly climb over people to leave. He says to leave 30 to 48 inches of width through highly trafficked routes and 24 inches through lighter ones.

2. Focus of a Room

Figure out what a room focuses on; is it a television, a row of windows or a piece of artwork? This is what someone’s eyes fall on when they first walk into your room and your furniture should be centered around it. Albert gives an smart home decor perspective when it comes to using your television as a focal point. Give three times the screen size distance between the actual screen and seating.

Home Decor Tips

 3. What is Most Important

The largest piece of furniture in a room should be the focal point and put in place first. So, the largest couch in the living room or the bed in the bedroom should be added first. Unless unavoidable, furniture should never touch walls and all furniture, including chairs should be placed in anticipation of a social setting and close enough for people to be able to talk to one another.

4. Make It Easy

This home decor tip falls just as much under lessons to remember about hospitality as it does the arrangement of furniture. Albert says to make sure that coffee tables are placed 14 to 18 inches from seating to allow for legroom. Add a lamp beside each chair for ease of reading.

5. Keep it Proportioned

This idea is all about creating a sense of balance. If you have two of the same arm chairs, your room will look more balanced if the chairs are kept on the same side of the room. Small details can also be used to create symmetry in a space, use identical lamps in pairs of two on matching coffee tables. Albert advises that symmetrical arrangements look best in formal rooms and asymmetrical arrangements are more informal.

Image Source: Houzz

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