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How to find the right lot for your Hill Country home

Posted by Vintage Oaks


Picturing a sprawling single-story story home with tons of frontage? Maybe you’ve been dreaming about a place where you can have horses and a convenient location. No matter what kind of custom home you’ve been envisioning, it starts with the land. But if it’s your first time buying land in the Hill Country, you may not know what it entails. Follow these steps to find the right lot for your Hill Country home.

Make a list

When buying a homesite in New Braunfels, you need to consider everything you would think about when buying a home, like bedroom and bath count, amount of square footage, floorplan design, and other types of home features you envision. Plus, you need to think about the characteristics of the land; location in the Hill Country and in the community, size of the lot, hilly or flat, gated or not, treed or cleared, ready to build on or in need of improvements, and what type of view are just a few of the features.

Work with a realtor

Buying land in the Hill Country is different from buying a home. A real estate agent with is experienced in land can help you navigate the ins and outs—like all the potential land characteristics, some of which are listed above—and should also have the most up-to-date information about available land as well as lots that are coming soon.  

Get approved

While lender approval doesn’t have anything to do with your land selection, it is critical to moving the process forward. You don’t want to fall in love with a great piece of land in New Braunfels only to find out it’s beyond your budget, or lose out on a coveted Hill Country view lot because another buyer was approved when you hadn’t yet talked to a lender.

Visit lots of communities

This way you’ll be able to knock a few off the list while allowing others to rise to the top. Checking out communities online is a good first start, but seeing them in person will undoubtedly help to clarify the right choice for you.

Compare and contrast

It might be that you come to a decision on which community you want to live in but can’t decide between lots. A pro-con list can be key to helping you narrow down and make your final choice. Buying a piece of land is a decision that is both emotional and logical, and getting it down on paper (or computer/tablet/phone screen) can help put what you really want into perspective.

Meet with the sales agents

It might be that some of the things you want just aren’t able to be pulled off in certain communities or on specific homesites. 

Meet with your builder

If you haven’t yet chosen a builder by the time you start your land search, recommendations from friends and family as well as the sales agents and your realtor should be able to help with that. Once you’ve found one or more you’re considering, meeting with them to discuss the type of home you’re looking to build is an important step. They might have a few land selection tips you hadn’t considered. 

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