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Five Reasons Why the Hill Country is Ideal for Retirement


Texas’ Hill Country is the fourth-largest region in the Lone Star State, sprawling across 31,000 square miles, and situated on the Edwards Plateau and Balcones Escarpment. Bounded by Interstate 35 and U.S. 83 on the east and west, and bracketed by SH 29 and U.S. 90 on the north and south, respectively, the Hill Country is consistently lauded for its scenic vistas, award-winning festivals and wineries, and a plethora of shopping and outdoor activities.

How to Talk Your Parents into Retiring in Texas Hill Country

If your parents are at or nearing retirement age, they are likely thinking of making a move to a more temperate climate. You are probably trying to sway them towards a vibrant, growing community where you can visit and enjoy everything the area has to offer, while spending time with the ones you love. We all know that Florida is the traditional place for retirees and snowbirds, but this is not always suitable for every retiree. If you haven’t considered Texas Hill Country as a retirement spot for your parents, now is the time to take a look at everything this area has to offer.

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