Timber Ridge Park

Timber Ridge Park is the newest addition to the Vintage Oaks Amenity package. The developers recognized the number of veterans in the Vintage Oaks community and surrounding area and set aside 23 acres to provide a space to honor their service.

Vintage Oaks representatives realized one in every three people they come in contact with from a business standpoint has served in the military to protect American freedom. They wanted to reach out to show their support and gratitude to those who have served.

The Veteran’s Walk

Residents and community members have the opportunity to purchase Veteran’s Walk stones to honor those who have served. Each stone is inscribed with the veteran’s name, where they served, and their dates of service. There are currently over 100 blocks with veteran’s names in the Veteran’s Walk. 

At the opening ceremony, District Senate Aide Ruben Villarreal pointed out how the American Dream is to own a home in a safe community. Veterans defend that goal. He pointed out how veterans and their families feel comfortable in the Village Oaks community.

Senate Resolution 798 recognized Village Oaks and developers on the dedication of Timber Ridge Park and the Veteran’s walk. 

Room for Reflection

To honor veterans, Vintage Oaks added walking paths to provide solitude and room for reflection. The landscape showcases the Hill Country views and allows residents paths to meander or benches to sit and rest. 

Benefits to Residents

Some Vintage Oaks residents weren’t just veterans, themselves. Many of them have parents who served and sons and daughters who are active military. 

Vintage Oaks works with Operation Finally Home, a non-profit organization which partners with builders to provide homes for wounded, ill, or injured veterans and their families. Vintage Oaks recently completed their 12th mortgage-free home for an American veteran.

Vintage Oaks isn’t just a group of neighborhoods. It’s a community built on friendship and respect. Find out what makes Vintage Oaks unique. Contact us to schedule a tour today.

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