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Making merry

Vintage Oaks doesn't just throw any old Christmas party. The community’s Annual Holiday Party is one of our residents’ favorite events of the year—an opportunity to see neighbors and meet new ones in a festive setting. During our 2014 party, Santa arrived as Vintage Oaks families were enjoying treats and gathering inside the Tuscan Clubhouse, stopping to take pictures with all the children. The children also smiled wide as they sledded down the snow hill specifically constructed for the party in the family park area just outside the clubhouse. 

Special events all-year-round give Vintage Oaks land and homeowners the opportunity to gather together and enjoy their surroundings and the company of friends and neighbors. Want to learn more about what it’s like to live at Vintage Oaks? Our Events page is a great place to start.

Video Transcript:

Wayne and Cynthia Graybill

This is the annual Christmas party that they have at Vintage Oaks. This is the third year that they have attended. It’s a very graciously conducted party that we thoroughly enjoy and it gives us an opportunity to come up here and see our neighbors that we know as well as an opportunity to meet new ones. It’s an opportunity for the younger crowd to bring their small children to meet with Santa.