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Four Wine Glasses

Posted by Vintage Oaks

If you’re not familiar with the world of wine, perhaps you didn’t realize that each type of wine is best served in a particular style of glass. Finer wine glasses are very thin, whether made of crystal or some other material, because thicker densities can actually work against the flavors and negatively influence the taste. While each wine glass sports a tulip-shaped design, and each has a base, a stem, and a “bowl” (the main body), their shapes are otherwise very different, each one customized to help you enjoy varying wines to the fullest.

  1. Red wine glasses: Bordeaux. All reds require a taller, wider glass, to allow the complexities in the wine sufficient room to blend with each other. Many flavors are present in every glass of wine, not just flavor from the grapes. There’s the container in which it was fermented, the season of the harvest, the quality of the soil, and even the type of yeast used (to name just a few). Each flavor floats there, and swirling the glass gently with appropriate space allows them to blend favorably. A Bordeaux glass is ideal for rich, red wines, such as Cabernets and Merlots. A Bordeaux glass’s bowl is wide, allowing room for the wine to breathe, and to make the rich aroma part of your experience as you drink.
  1. Red wine glasses: Burgundy. A Burgundy glass is almost the same as Bordeaux glasses, except that it’s larger. Ideal for “delicate” wines whose aroma is critical to enjoying their full flavor (such as Pinot Noir), the wider lip and bigger bowl give the glass more room to gather the scent.
  1. White wine glasses. White wine glasses are much smaller than those used for reds. White wine is most flavorful when it’s young and crisp, which means it must be kept cool. A smaller glass means less exposed surface area, helping it remain cooler longer. A more mature white wine requires a taller glass to accommodate bolder flavors.
  1. Champagne flutes. A champagne flute is tall and thin, which allows the bubbles a greater vertical distance to travel. This causes them to build up more bubbling activity throughout the body of the glass. It’s the bubbles that make champagne fun for those special occasions such as weddings and parties—even simply dessert parties!

The Vintage Oaks clubhouse is an ideal location to host elegant dinner parties, special occasions, weddings and other meaningful events. (You don’t have to worry about the glasses here, though: We’ll provide the ideal ones for your guests). We’re passionate about wine, and we look forward to sharing our love of wine and winemaking with you and your guests.

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