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6 Requirements for Veterans to Qualify for Texas Land Loans

Posted by Vintage Oaks

Interested in buying Texas land and obtaining a loan from the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB)? Special VLB loans can make landownership uniquely affordable for Texas veterans. But they’re not available to everyone or on every piece of land. It's important for veterans to know the requirements to qualify for Texas land loans before applying. This will help ensure they can get approved or become aware of the steps they need to take to get there.

VLB Land Loan Requirements 

  1. Location—VLB land loans are only for properties in the state of Texas.
  2. Down payment—Only 5% is required as a down payment. This is the lowest down payment of any veteran loan program in the state.
  3. Property size—VLB land loans are for properties of at least one acre.
  4. Maximum land value—The homesite cannot be valued are more than $125,000.
  5. Military involvement—Loans are intended for “bona fide” residents of Texas who have served in any of the United States’ five military branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or National Guard.
  6. Lender approval—Qualifying for a VLB land loan also requires lender approval, which is based on an applicant’s credit-worthiness. Credit scores can be as low as 620 for approval in some situations, but the higher they are, the better the chances. It is recommended that veterans work with a lender who can help navigate the complicated application and approval process. The first step will be gathering several key pieces of information, including detailed information about the property you want to purchase and personal information about you including your social security number, previous addresses, and current/previous employment and income. 


You can start your land search at Vintage Oaks, the fastest-growing community in the Hill Country. The veteran-friendly community of Vintage Oaks offers an array of acreage properties with some of the Hill Country’s most spectacular views, an ideal location in New Braunfels between Austin and San Antonio, and easy access to veterans’ services including the San Antonio Military Medical Center, the VA Clinic in New Braunfels and Randolph AFB. To show continued support for our veterans, Vintage Oaks and developer SouthStar Communities have partnered with Operation FINALLY HOME on 10 mortgage-free homes for wounded veterans, with No. 11 in the process of being built now in the community.

For more information, visit Vintage Oaks or click below to download our Texas Veterans' Hill Country Land & Home Buing Guide.

Click to Download The Texas Veterans' Hill County Land & Home Buying Guide

Veterans can check to see if they meet the VLB’s eligibility requirements here and view the online application here. 

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