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Five Home Design Trends That Will Dominate 2015

Posted by Vintage Oaks


Image Source: Zillow

These New Home Design Trends Will Give Your Space a Fresh Look

Out with the old and in with the new. This is the time of year to reinvent the interior of your home with simple updates that will add a modern feel to any space. What should you keep and what has hit its expiration date? In a recent Zillow trend forecast designers talked about the new home design trends for 2015.

Gold Hardware Accents

Don’t cringe at the thought of your old bathroom from the 80’s or 90’s. This not long-forgotten home design trend is back with a modern twist. Over the last few years, we’ve caught glances of this look popping back up in the appearance of brass fixtures mostly in bathrooms. The designers are not necessarily suggesting bathing your home in gold, add this accent in with other metals you are already using in your home design.


We’d like to think this trendy texture never left Texas homes, but in 2015 it will become an added aesthetic that will give any home a modern, updated feel. Not thinking a rug in the living room is right for you? These designers say it’s also a perfect accent in a pillow, throw or even artwork.


Again, try to refrain from flashing back to the 80’s. Wallpaper is no longer something you change on your computer screen, this home design trend began making a reappearance over the last couple of years and is now a must for 2015. Use wallpaper sparingly, as it can overwhelm a room. Combine two of these new trends into one, opt for a paper design that features a pretty blue tone. Still not ready to commit? Try this trend in a temporary version, many wallpaper options are available as stick-on sheets.

Blue as an Accent Color

You can’t go wrong with any shade of blue in 2015. There are so many beautiful hues to choose from, and the addition of this accent can provide an exciting flare to any outdated room. It also makes a perfect pairing with the color of the year, Marsala. “Pops of indigo blue or deep navy will become a staple in home design this year, as their deep natural hues become extra vibrant against warm earth tones like Marsala,” says Zillow Digs home design trends expert Kerrie Kelly.

Modern/Mid-century Modern Elements

According to Zillow designers, this is the biggest trend in 2015. The Modern and Mid-century Modern trend is seen everywhere from subtle accents to the architectural design of homes. This trend can be an easy addition to the current look of your home, because less is more when it comes to these elements. The addition of wooden details and vintage accessories will bring your space up-to-date without looking like you stepped back in time.

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