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Five Ways Priorities for Home Buyers are Changing

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COVID-Homebuying-UpdatesThere are so many “new normal” considerations that it is difficult to keep with them all! This is especially true for the place where we are spending much more time than before the pandemic - our homes. Fortunately, long before the current challenges came along, the developers of Vintage Oaks, a master-planned community in New Braunfels, Texas, realized that today’s home buyers want the privacy and peace of mind that only the wide-open spaces of the Texas Hill Country can offer. While the COVID virus has presented some new realities for everyone, the homeowners who live in Vintage Oaks are reaping the benefits of this good planning.


Of course, there are some factors that have become more important for homebuyers during these pandemic times and these have become a “checklist” for many. Here are five priorities that builders and home designers are hearing from their clients.


1. For Work, Education and Entertainment: There’s No Place Like Home

A large number of non-industrial workers are now making their living from home. While this is a direct result of the need for large and small offices to encourage social-distancing, most research points to the fact that this work-from-home trend will continue long after the COVID challenges are just a bad memory. This is true (at least for the short-term) for distance learning and entertainment. Having proper acoustics for home offices, digital education and media/play rooms will be an important consideration for homebuyers. The wide variety of floor-plans from builders in Vintage Oaks ensure an enormous number of options for this new normal. 


2. The Kitchen is the New Focal Point of the Home

Since the earliest days of modern home building, the kitchen has been one of the most important rooms in the house. The new realities, where families are preparing and eating most meals at home, have made this space an even more important “family room.” The exemplary builders in Vintage Oaks, who have always created functional and family-friendly kitchens, are constantly tweaking design, appliance selection and layout to make this new focal point of the home even richer.


3. Privacy is at a Premium

As noted above, families are working, playing, schooling and cooking AT HOME, now, more than any time in the past few generations. Home offices, entertainment rooms, study areas, meal preparation and entertainment areas must be designed to accommodate the large number of family members (sometimes multiple generations) co-existing in harmony. Thoughtful and acoustically quiet design has always been a priority for homes in Vintage Oaks.


4. Energy Efficiency is a MUST HAVE

With so many family members at home every day - working and playing - the energy consumption and expenses are greater than they have ever been. An energy-efficient home, such as those in Vintage Oaks will enable families to weather the COVID storm.


5. A Peaceful Neighborhood Away From the Crazy Times 

The “noise” from these chaotic times can be deafening. Since Vintage Oaks was meticulously chosen for it’s natural beauty, quiet surroundings and open spaces for outdoor recreation, the day-to-day mental fatigue is replaced by peace and quiet.

Long after COVID is a bad memory, the homeowners in Vintage Oaks will be having the time of their lives, surrounded by the gorgeous Texas Hill Country and a community of caring neighbors. To see for yourself, contact us for more information.

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