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Get In The Action and Start the Process of Buying a House

Posted by Vintage Oaks

Do the Work and Get Started Buying a House

Are you ready to begin looking for your next property but for one reason or another have dreaded the process? Like anything else, buying a house takes work but the reward is worth it. Whether you are running out of space due to an expanding family or you’re ready to change your style of living and move to a different area, now is the time to make a plan and take action. Author Brendon DeSimone frequently guides potential homebuyers through this process and offers these helpful thoughts on making your next purchase.

Find the Right Person to Lead Your Team

In this case, the leader you are looking for is a good real estate agent. At this point in the process, you most likely have spent plenty of time looking at neighborhoods online, analyzing what houses you can afford and finished off your wish-list. These are all things that are important when buying a house, but hiring a real estate agent will take you to the next level. They understand the industry, have insight into the neighborhoods you are looking at and have experience in the process.


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Curb Your Emotions

Keeping a level head is difficult for even the most logical person when it comes to buying a house. You most likely have made major purchases before, but a home is a huge long-term investment. Have you toured your “dream home” and in your mind already moved in and met the next door neighbors? Loving your home is very important, but relying on data and research to make a decision is as well. Once again, this is an area that you can lean on your agent and their experience.


You’re Not Walking Onto the Car Lot

Bottom line: If you wait on a home price to go lower, you might miss your next home. DeSimone offers this example: if you are in the market to purchase a car, you research prices and head to the dealership with the understanding that prices vary and you want to get to a car at the best price possible. However, you most likely won’t wait till the next year to see if prices go any lower. You might never buy a car.

In the current market, making an extremely low offer on a home is probably not the best idea. Home inventory is projected to increase this year, but there is still a lot of competition for each home.

Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines and ready to start the process of buying a house? Come see us and let our experienced Vintage Oaks team introduce you to your next home!

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