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What’s Hot in the Kitchen?

Posted by Vintage Oaks

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Many years ago, the kitchen of a home was a no-nonsense, functional, utilitarian room that was located at the back of the house. Only the “chief cook and bottle-washer” was allowed to enter this workplace. Needless to say, those days are long gone.

Home design experts have noted that the modern kitchen has become the most important room in the house. It is used for entertaining friends, homework, family game playing and, oh yeah, cooking and eating.


While this popularity of the kitchen has been growing for a decade, the homeowners in Vintage Oaks, in New Braunfels, Texas have new appreciation for the kitchen. Why? The social-distancing requirements of the COVID virus has encouraged most people to prepare meals at home, rather than eating out.


Choosing the colors, designs, lighting, appliances, backsplashes and the hundreds of other elements of a modern kitchen can lead to “KP” - Kitchen Paralysis. To help you overcome this dreaded malady, here are some hot trends for kitchen design.

No Man or Woman is an Island

The kitchen island has been so popular that many new homes feature TWO of them. Double islands offer much needed space for cooking, parties, homework stations and mealtime. If one island is good, two islands are twice as good!

Open Shelving Let’s You Show Off Your Cool Stuff

As this article on kitchen design notes, “While top cupboards add storage, they can take away a sense of openness in the kitchen. The solution is to opt for no upper cabinets or have a mixture of upper cabinets and open shelving. Having some open shelving in your kitchen also gives you the opportunity to display some unique kitchen utensils or artifacts.

Backsplash Slabs are Cool and Clean

Kitchen countertops have used slabs of various natural materials for years and that same drama can be added with slabs for backsplashes. Tres chic!

Come to the Dark Side

If the chefs of the house are not wild about white or off-white quartz or marble, dark countertops are gaining popularity. One of the most popular materials for these dark tops is natural woods such as walnut.

Let There Be Light

Kitchens with recessed lighting are SO last century. Modern kitchens are being lit up with smaller light fixtures, made of silver or bronze, with incandescent bulbs. This makes for a softer look. 

Forward Facing Design with Retro Appliances

The look of Grandma’s is becoming more popular. The nostalgic look of retro appliances can be a conversation starter for a room where more and more guests and family enjoy hanging out.

A Ground Floor Opportunity

With increased activity in a modern kitchen, the foot traffic and food prep spills have many homeowners considering for luxury vinyl flooring. There are hundreds of colors and styles and they are virtually indestructible. 

Where There’s Smoke

Is there anything more boring than a standard range hood? This article notes that Interior designers are noticing a surge in custom kitchen hoods that steer away from the boring stainless steel or basic painted wood. It’s the perfect way to create a stunning focal point. 


For any family considering building a new home, it is a good idea to spend some time thinking about the long-term functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen. Fads will come and go, but elegant design, based on new, stay-at-home realities of the COVID pandemic suggest the importance of the most popular room in the house. 


For information on the stylish and functional kitchens (not to mention the great rooms, bedrooms and baths) of homes in Vintage Oaks, just click here for more information.


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