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Five Reasons Why the Hill Country is Ideal for Retirement


Texas’ Hill Country is the fourth-largest region in the Lone Star State, sprawling across 31,000 square miles, and situated on the Edwards Plateau and Balcones Escarpment. Bounded by Interstate 35 and U.S. 83 on the east and west, and bracketed by SH 29 and U.S. 90 on the north and south, respectively, the Hill Country is consistently lauded for its scenic vistas, award-winning festivals and wineries, and a plethora of shopping and outdoor activities.

Bringing Light and Love to Texas Veterans During the Holidays

The joy and cheer of the holiday season is upon us once again. Our homes are filled with the scrumptious aroma of baking cookies, stockings are hung, holiday dinner and party plans are in place, big city lights and New Year glitz hold us spellbound, while candles illuminate windows of tiny villages, hearkening back to days of yore. It paints a beautiful picture in our minds, yet too often we forget about our Texas veterans, the people who sacrificed to ensure we have the freedom for such things.

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In New Braunfels, Winter Holidays Have Changed with the Passing of Time

Since the earliest days of New Braunfels, the area has been a mix of traditions. German Christmas traditions have been observed and celebrated across the town along with traditional American and Mexican ones. From old world traditions to modern, uniquely American holiday fun, the winter holidays have been, and always will be, an important part of the fabric of this great city.

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What You Need to Know About Relocating Your Family to the Texas Hill Country

So, you’ve decided to relocate to the Texas Hill Country—if so, you’re likely more than familiar with the many financially based reasons to live in New Braunfels and the surrounding areas, including the excellent job market, relatively low home prices, and vibrant economy. However, if you have a family in tow, it’s just as important to learn about the environmental aspects of your prospective community as well. For that reason, we’ve compiled this guide to family living in the Texas Hill Country.

Comal County’s Four Best-Kept Secrets

Located in South Central Texas, Comal County serves as the gateway between the Blackland Prairies and the Texas Hill Country. While the county has always been a relatively popular place to live with its proximity to both San Antonio (29 miles) and Austin (45 miles), Comal County has seen a relative boom in population in recent years.

Five Things You Should Know Before Relocating to Central Texas

Texas is a popular place to put down roots, as evidenced by its high population, spread out over one of the largest land areas in the country. Aside from the Spanish, Mexican, German, and French settlers who migrated here in the early days of the United States, many individuals continue to make Texas home.

Three Groups That Should Be Considering Texas Hill Country

When you’re planning a move to Texas, there are many great regions to consider. However, there’s just no place like the Texas Hill Country. Whether you’re looking to retire, settle in with a family, or exit the military, Hill Country has something to offer.

The Complete Relocation Guide to New Braunfels, Texas

New Braunfels, Texas, is one of the most popular up-and-coming communities in the country right now. So, if you’re thinking of relocating here, you’re certainly not alone! With its gorgeous scenery, comfortable climate, plenty to do, and a booming economy, who wouldn’t want to move here?

Why the Hill Country Is the Place to Be Right Now

As uncertain times continue, Hill Country residents, realtors, and visitor’s bureaus alike have noticed one key trend—the uptick in people visiting, moving to, and living in the Texas Hill Country.

Five Steps to Relocating to Texas Hill Country

Are you considering relocating to New Braunfels or another portion of the beautiful Texas Hill Country? You’re not alone—as more and more Americans (and many others) experience the beauty and rich cultural heritage of the Texas Hill Country, it’s consistently listed as a top place in the US to retire.

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