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Join us for Cody Nusbaum's home presentation at Vintage Oaks

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Army Speciaiist Cody Nusbaum is surprised with a new mortgage-free home at Vintage Oaks. Courtesy of BCMC.


It will be a joyous day for a deserving wounded veteran and American hero on Monday, April 14. as he is presented with his brand-new, mortgage-free home at Vintage Oaks in New Braunfels. Join us for Cody Nusbaum's home presentation at Vintage Oaks on Monday, April 14 at 2pm. The address is 1605 Angolo in the Vintage Oaks community.

Nusbaum's home has been a labor of love for everyone at Vintage Oaks, SouthStar Communities, Operation FINALLY HOME (OFH), Structural Building Components Association (SBCA), National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Building Systems Councils (BSC), and the members of the New Braunfels Home Builders Association. Vintage Oaks' residents, friends, and community members have been every bit as dedicated to the building of the home for this Army Specialist and American hero. Scores of them attended the Notes of Love event at Nusbaum's home under construction in October to express their gratitude, love and support on the wood framing of Nusbaum’s home. The notes were forever preserved within the walls of the custom home.

Nusbaum was severely wounded after being shot by a Taliban insurgent while serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2011. With Nusbaum’s injuries including a shattered hip, a broken calf, a severed femoral artery, at least 11 gunshot wounds and grenade fragments, doctors said he would never walk again. But Nusbaum will walk into his home during the presentation on Monday, April 14, just as he did in October—a proud feat that is a product of 75 surgeries along with Nusbaum’s dedication and strong will.

OFH has built more than 40 homes across the country for wounded American soldiers and their families. Nusbaum’s home at Vintage Oaks in New Braunfels is the 10th such partnership between OFH and SouthStar Communities.

For more information about Vintage Oaks or SouthStar Communities' work with OFH, please visit Vintage Oaks.