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6 Signs You Should Invest in a Custom Home

Posted by Vintage Oaks

Topics: New Homebuilding Trends


Have you found yourself driving around communities like Vintage Oaks, gazing at the Hill Country homes and daydreaming about what it would be like to live in something that was designed just for you? Yep, you’re in the custom home zone. 

Here are the 6 signs you should invest in a custom home. 

1. You’re done compromising

Every home you have ever bought was designed by someone else, whether it was the former owner or the builder. Now it’s your turn to design a custom home that is all about you and your family.

2. You desire the best of everything.

Luxury builder homes are lovely, with high-end features and lots of space. But you pride yourself on your sense of style and your designer’s eye. It would be great to pick out everything yourself—or with help from your builder—and know that your house really, truly reflects your taste.

3. You know what you want.

Maybe you’re not so concerned about making everything so luxurious, but just want it to look like you. Do you have a really modern aesthetic? Maybe you want a rustic chic style infused throughout. When you build a custom home, the look is up to you.

4. A “standard” floorplan won’t do.

Do you need a master bedroom on each floor and a home theater suitable for Hollywood premiers? Or perhaps you just like to do things your way. Either way, you'll have the opportunity to design a home to your expectations.

5. You can’t find “the one.”

Sometimes a home can have all the basics but still be missing that one thing that really connects with you. When you build a custom home, you get to include all the nuts and bolts, but also the character and style that makes it distinctly yours.

6. You deserve it.

You’ve worked extremely hard to be in a position to buy the home of your dreams. Or perhaps you’ve been saving for many years to be able to design your own home in the community you love, and were happy to learn that a custom home didn’t have to break the bank. No matter what type—or size—home you’re building, it represents a dream. And for that you should be proud.

For more information, visit Vintage Oaks or click below to download the Guide to Building a Home in the Texas Hill Country.