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6 Typical FAQs about Community Associations and POAs

Posted by Vintage Oaks

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Community Associations and POAs can be confusing to those who have never lived in an area that had one. Landbuyers and homebuyers often have questions about the advantages of having protective covenants in their community, and don’t always know where to find answers. Here are 6 typical FAQs about community associations and POAs.


Q: What is a POA?

A: POA stands for Property Owner’s Association. The POA establishes certain deeds and covenants to ensure some consistency of architecture and presentation in communities, which can protect property values.


Q: Who is the POA managed by?

A: Typically, a Community Manager is hired to manage the POA. However, the Community Manager is directed by the property to manage the on-site amenities and common areas.


Q: So the POA is guided by the property owners?

A: Yes, the owners typically make up the committees and the board, along with the developer of the community.


Q: Why is a POA important?

A: POAs serve a vital need in communities by helping to establish and maintain important standards. In areas without POAs, residents and land or homeowners can suffer from lowered or non-existent standards that can harm property values.


Q: I’ve heard it can be hard to get a POA to approve architecture.

A: Each community has its own set of codes, covenants and restrictions (CC&Rs) that identify the building standards in that community. While a community with CC&Rs is going to have established guidelines that lay out what is and is not allowable, the guidelines are usually intended to ensure some continuity in the community and support each owner’s property values.


Q: How can I get information on building guidelines for my community? 

A: The sales associate in the community in which you are interested should be able to help you.

Vintage Oaks is a great example of the successful partnership between a comm unity and its POA. The Community Association is managed by RealManage, a property management company with more than 25 years of experience. The POA is a non-profit organization that serves the common interests of the property owners and provides those who own and live in the fastest-selling community in the Hill Country with an added sense of security that their interest will be protected.

For more information, visit Vintage Oaks or click below to learn more about local taxes, POA services and fees.

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