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The Benefits of Buying a New Home in the Spring

Posted by Vintage Oaks

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What the Four Seasons Say About Building or Buying a New Home

Does the real estate market really have an absolute timetable? Do the seasons matter when building or buying a new home? Perceptions say springtime always produces a buying frenzy in the housing market. Mary Umberger of New Home Source spoke with several real estate experts to find out if this is true and how it can affect potential buyers. Umberger first points to everyday reasons why the heaviest home buying season is always thought of as the spring. Springtime is associated with change and newness and after the winter months many people are ready to make major modifications in their personal lives. Also, springtime means the homestretch to the end of the school year. Beginning the process of finding a new home at this time can help parents make a smoother transition to a new district or school in the fall.

When does spring really start if you are interested in buying a new home? The answer to this question differs among experts. For some the buying season is thought to be the months of April, May and June. Kevin Lisota, the CEO for a Seattle-based real estate brokerage firm, believes that January is the beginning of the busy spring season that can last through mid-summer due mostly to people holding out for the busy holiday season to end.


Overall, this timetable is like many others associated with making major purchasing decisions; it depends on the buyer. Umberger suggests a timetable that works backwards from the month that you would like to be in your new home to when you begin looking. Closing time can differ by area but most buyers can expect the entire process to last around thirty days.

Your timeline of course will differ if you are planning on building a custom home. Construction on a new home can take six months, but this could be shorter or longer. The process could be longer if you plan to build a home from scratch and are creating the entire design. Buying a new home that can be customized is the best of all worlds, a shorter delivery time but with the specific details you request that will differentiate your home from others in the community.

Spring is not necessarily seen as the most optimal time to build as it is to buy. Amanda Howard, who owns her own brokerage firm in Huntsville, Alabama said this,“So, the decision to build has been made: When to put your soon-to-be-former house on the market? The best time to list their house is as soon as they say, ‘I have found the builder I want.’”

How does this translate to you as a potential buyer? The right time for buying a new home can’t always be associated with a season or time of year. However, here at Vintage Oaks we think the present time is the perfect time to buy! Make an appointment to see the homesites and homes we currently have available.

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