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What to Ask Before Buying Land in the Hill Country

Posted by Vintage Oaks


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Why Buying Land in the Hill Country is Right for You

You’ve always dreamed of living on an expanse of land. The rolling hills, lots of space, even the occasional thought of owning farm animals or having a pond have crossed your mind. There’s a lot of appeal to owning a large piece of property, but how do you know when buying land is the best choice for you?

Is a subdivision existence or acreage lifestyle right for you?

Both types of ownership are great, but what fits your wants and needs? Considering a subdivision purchase provides a major plus in that someone else has already thought through things like zoning and such information is already available to you. Ask the homeowners association of the area you are interested in to provide it. You will also need this type of information if purchasing land outside of a pre-existing community. The county can provide this information for you. Know exactly what is permitted on either type of property.

What are the must haves and wants for buying land?

Knowing what you’re looking for is a must in finding the right fit and avoiding any unfortunate messes. One basic question: do you want a lot or acreage? These few other questions will help you better determine what you are looking for before you begin your quest.

  • How will you function day to day on several acres? Can you maintain it?

  • Is wildlife and native plants an important part of your environment?

  • Are there already basic amenities on the property or will you have to go through extensive installations like a water system?

How does this specific property fit you?

It’s time to narrow down your search and choose a specific piece of property. By asking yourself broad questions early on you should know what you are looking for and can be more specific. Where do you want to position your home on the property, assuming you are buying land and not an already finished home. Can you easily install the things that are on your need list? Get more specific about what you are looking for so you can equip your real estate agent with your best qualifications.

Convenience and Comfort

Research the area around the land you are considering purchasing. Are the things you need daily access to in close proximity? Will you have to drive a long distance to take the kids to school or get to work? These are all important scenarios to take into consideration.

The Money Aspect

Another important thing to consider - finances. Taxes can add up quickly, contact your county tax assessor to find out what the tax rates are on the perspective property. Also, find a realtor who is familiar with buying land and they can help you do your homework.

Buying land in Vintage Oaks brings the best of both small and large properties to you. Our planned community offers you choices of properties up to 14 acres in size where you can either build your dream home or find an already built custom home that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Take a tour today and let us show you why we’re the right choice to buy or build.

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