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Choosing the Right Community for Your New Texas Hill Country Home

Posted by Vintage Oaks

Vintage_Oaks_Custom_Home_tin_roofIt’s not hard to fall in love with the Hill Country. It happens to most everyone who visits. In an area that continues to experience impressive growth—from both those who are moving from other parts of Texas and those coming from out of state seeking a better way of life—figuring out exactly where to put down roots and buy Texas land can be challenging. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you choose the right community in the Hill Country.

1. Make a list of important factors. If you have young kids, you’ll want to make sure the schools are good. If you’re retiring, you might not want to be located in an area that’s known for nightly live music. If you work in Austin or San Antonio, you need a commute that is easy.

Once you have made your list, you can start weeding out the areas that don’t work and start focusing on the ones that do. 

2. Do your research. Loads of information is out there on message boards and social media that can help you figure out the place that best meets your family’s needs.

Look at growth patterns. Cities and communities that are growing fast are doing so for a reason, and it’s usually because of the superior lifestyle offered. Growing cities in the Hill Country like Fredericksburg offer a relaxed, wine country lifestyle. Cities like New Braunfels, named the fastest-growing city in the United States in 2014 by the U.S. Census Bureau, cater to everyone from young families to retirees with its enviable mix of natural beauty, resort amenities, variety of land and home-lot options, and great schools.

New Braunfels is also home to Vintage Oaks, the fastest-selling master-planned community in the Hill Country and the easy choice for many people looking to buy land and build a custom home in the Texas Hill Country. 

3. Talk to the sales agents. Once you have a short list of places to consider, the sales agents in each community should be able to further shed light on the advantages of living there versus other places. If anything sounds vague or fishy, be sure to ask follow-up questions—and take note so you can do further research on your own later.

4. Talk to the residents. The people who live in the communities you are interested in are many times your best source of information. If they love it, you’ll know. And if they don’t, you’ll know that too. Be sure to ask what you appreciate most about the community, why they chose it over others in the Hill Country, and if they would choose it again given the chance.

Armed with all this information, you should be well on your way to choosing your dream community in the Texas Hill Country. Lucky you!

For more information, visit Vintage Oaks or click below to download the complete Guide to Building in the Hill Country. 


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